US First Face Transplant Man

On a fateful day in November 2008, Weins, a 25 year old construction worker, in Texas, was disfigured by an electrical accident.  

What happened to Weins,First transplant patient

The incident happened when Weins was working high up positioned on a cherry picker.  His head came in contact with a high voltage electric wire and in the ensuing power line accident his face became terribly disfigured.   

The contact with the wire burned is face severely and destroyed his lips and nose.  He was blinded in his left eye and the right eye was deprived of light perception.  

The First face transplant surgery

The Bohdan Pomahac was the plastic surgeon who headed a 30-member team of medical professionals (doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists) who performed the surgery on Dallas Weins on March 30 this year.  The operation lasted for more than 15 hours.  Dr. Pomahac said that Weins had been “literally a man without a face”. 

This young father of a three year old daughter underwent surgeries that gave him new skin, muscles, nerves, lips and a nose!   The donor was an unidentified dead person. The operation was funded by the US Military as the results and lessons learned from the operation would prove greatly beneficial when treating soldiers who had serious facial disfigurement following military action.  

Weins’ facial transplant is a first for the US.  He is the first man in the country to undergo a complete facial transplant.  Weins was exhilarated about feeling his lovely daughter’s kisses and of smiling once more, after the operation.  Weins proudly posed along with the doctors who performed the path breaking surgeries.

The surgery was performed by doctors at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  The doctors have said that Weins would not resemble the donor.  This was because the recipient’s bone structure and muscle make-up will significantly determine how he will eventually look.   

After the first face transplant surgery 

When his nose was in place again, Weins could smell lasagna being prepared in the hospital, for the first time after two years!  Weins can now breathe again normally.  He says that every step towards recovery has been “amazing”.  Weins is extremely grateful to his anonymous donor and the donor’s family, for making it possible for him to appear and feel normal again. 

Dallas Weins is reported to have said that he could never express what has been done and what he had been given, when he spoke at the press conference. The face “feels natural” to the touch, he says and there are still some numb areas for which he has to go in for rehabilitation that will fortify the functioning of nerves in those areas.   

It was a moment of great happiness when Weins’ daughter declared that her dad now looked handsome!  She had called his disfigurement as “boo boo” and had told anyone who would listen to her that her “daddy has a boo boo, but God and the doctors are making his boo boo better!” 

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