Uses And Effectiveness Of Loose Powder Compacts

Loose powder or compacts are generally multi-purpose face powder which is applied to set makeup and foundations. It also helps in minimizing the shininess of an oily skin. It use originated in the theatres with artists using it as a product to set their makeup, but due to its versatility, it is now a mainstream product with every women applying it once or rather multiple times a day. It is of no surprise that most popular cosmetic brands have face powders in their product list, either as loose powder or compacts. In this article, we will discuss some of the uses of this precious product and share some tips on using them effectively.  


1. It helps in making the complexion fair: Although face powders can never be used as a permanent solution to create a fair complexion, using them increases the brightness of the face, thereby making a temporary change in the complexion.  


2. Helps in setting makeup and foundation: Loose powder or compacts, when used after applying makeup or foundation, will help in prolonging the wear of the product. This is because it offers a translucent coverage for foundations and makeup.  


3. Helps in concealing freckles, blemishes and other discoloration: The face powder is useful to hide any facial discoloration or permanent problems like freckles and blemishes. However, this is again a temporary solution, as removing the makeup and the powder will bring back the face to its original condition. Moreover, it has been observed that using loose powder provides a golden glow on the face.  


4. One of the most important purpose of using powders use to minimize the look of large pores. The powder being translucent provides proper coverage to the pores, and makes them look apparently smaller. It has no harmful effect on the skin, and also controls the oil factor by absorbing excess oil. Besides, it also minimizes fine lines on the skin.  


5. Powders, be it loose powder or compacts provide a matte finish on applying. It protects the skin, and highlights some areas like the forehead, nose and chin. Besides all these features, loose powder also illuminates the face with a glow, and soothes the skin from any kind of irritation. 

However, all the above-mentioned features are not generally available in one single powder. There may be powders specific for some purposes, which generally vary for different skin types. However, loose powder is extremely easy to apply, as it can be used with the help of a brush, puff or a sponge.  


1. Like any other cosmetic, the effectiveness of face powder lies on how it is being used by the user. If applied properly, it can work wonders for you, but otherwise, it can even be harmful as oil, humidity can be restricted from normal passing through the pores. So, here are some of the tips to apply loose powder properly. 


2. It is very important to remember that a very small amount of powder is needed to serve your purpose. Women are often disillusioned to use a huge quantity of powder, and finally the consequence is totally different from the original purpose of using it. Therefore, it is safe to release only a small amount of powder through a sifter, and apply it with the help of a puff or brush.  


3. It should be ensured that the brush or puff has sufficient amount of powder in it. Apply it in the central area of your face, and gently swipe it over other areas of the face. Make sure that you preserve or blow off the excess powder from the brush. Applying excess powder on the skin will only defeat the purpose.  


4. While swiping powder all over your face, make sure that the movement is downwards. Rubbing the skin in the other direction would make powder visible in the root areas of the grain of the facial hair, thus giving an undesirable look. 


5. Loose powder or compacts are considered to be a better alternative to foundations. It has a better ability to soak excess oil and prevent large pores. Therefore, to make good use of this versatile product, it must be applied properly.

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