Using Fertility Drugs in Infertility Treatment

Ovulation disorders account for nearly twenty five percent of female infertility factors. Medication is the first suggested line of treatment for women suffering with ovulation disorders. Fertility drugs can boost your ovulation up to eighty percent. It does its work by influencing the ovulation through medication. However not all of the fertility drugs available in the market are meant for the purpose of strengthening or triggering the ovulation mechanism. Certain fertility drugs are also meant for the purpose of suppressing the ovulation mechanism. On the other hand, a few fertility drugs are available to boost up the fertility factor in men.

Fertility drugs are considered to be a means of primary medication for the women suffering from ovulation disorders. Mainly two types of fertility drugs are available, those taken orally and those that are injected by a doctor. Usually fertility drugs are used for the purpose of treating those women suffering from recurrent miscarriages or having ovulation disorders. However in rare cases it is also used in cases where problem is associated with the male partner. In such cases, generally in vitro fertilization technique (IVF) is used. And fertility drugs are used to increase the count of eggs produced by women to be used for in vitro fertilization.

Types of Fertility Drugs:

  • Clomid or Serophene: Clomid is generally the first choice of the doctors while treating infertility with the help of fertility drugs. This is because it is the most effective fertility drugs.
  • Femera: Femera, also famous by the name of letrozole is not a fertility drug but is used in the treatment of women suffering from post menopausal breast cancer.
  • Follistim or Gonal-F: FSH is one of those hormones that are required to be present in the body if you are trying to conceive, since it instructs oocytes in then ovaries to mature and to grow.


  • Budget is the main issue concerning many couples who wish to go for fertility drugs. The cost of each pill or injection may prove out to be high priced for them. Due to this many couples do not go for such treatment.
  • There are some people who are allergic to needles of injections or some who are not comfortable with them. The treatment involves many injections which are to be given after a particular time period, which may lie somewhere in months or years. This procedure continues until the woman gets pregnant and sometimes even after that. This becomes a problematic issue for such people.
  • Fertility drugs may result in multiple pregnancies reaching higher than triplets.
  • Fertility drugs may even result in ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This stage is the result of filling up of ovaries with fluid because of it’s over stimulation. Though it does not threat to the patient’s life but in some cases it does.
  • Some other side effects of fertility drugs include hormonal fits, mood swings etc.


  • The greatest and obvious advantage of using fertility drugs is increase in the chances of getting pregnant. Fertility drugs have proved to be quiet effective method of treating infertility. This method works eve when other methods of infertility treatment fails.
  • Fertility drugs are safe method of getting pregnant for most of the women.

It is very important to see a physician regularly while taking infertility drugs. When using Clomephene some people may feel dizzy and may also cause blurred vision. They should not drive while taking this medicine. Its long term use is also not recommended.

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