Vaginoplasty Surgery

After few days of Vaginoplasty surgery, the women will be able to walk normally and she would return back to sexual activities with in a time period of 4 to 6 weeks. In addition the surgery is carried out on women’s having loose vaginal muscles due to vaginal atresia and cancer. Some of the trans-women choose Vaginoplasty as a part of the gender transition process. The result of Vaginoplasty varies from one woman to another depending upon their physical and other body conditions. 

Today there are numerous vaginoplasty techniques available in medical sector like penile inversion, colovaginoplasty, Wilson method, balloon vaginoplasty, buccal mucosa, Labia minora flap, vecchietti procedure and McIndoe technique. In addition there are other successful popular related procedures like Labioplasty and Vaginal rejuvenation.
The gynecological surgery take about 60 minutes of operating time but here the patient will have to stay in medical centre for overnight. The patient will be given local or general anesthetic together with sedating agent. The medical procedure is carried usually conventional surgical method and in exceptional cases lasers will be used in treatment. During this surgery the plastic surgeon attaches stretched muscle located at back of vagina together before shortening it. Then removes unwanted skin or vaginal lining tissues and this tightens vaginal muscles. In modern day the treatment is performed by using laser beam and scarring will be inside the vagina.
After performing vaginoplasty surgery the surgeon will paste an adhesive strip on vulva alongside bandages. Later the patient can leave operating room with vaginal stent of synthetic material which helps in retaining shape of vagina during healing process. The flexible and soft stent’s external surface is waterproof. Women will be advised to keep the stent in its place for a time period of 24 hours during first week of recovery period. For the subsequent two weeks, the patient should wear it while sleeping.
During recovery period the pain experienced by patient will be minimal and it can be controlled by using medications prescribed by surgeon. The stitches that are applied at time of surgery need not be removed, as surgeon uses absorbable thread. In some cases there may be appearance of bruises near vagina and they would move to thighs. However they would disappear after few days without causing any health risk.
The scar that remains inside vagina will heal gradually and there won’t be palpable. From medical studies it’s evident that vaginal tissues heal at a faster rate. The women patient’s can have sexual intercourse with their partner only after 21 days of undergoing surgery. According to surveys conducted on women’s who underwent vaginoplasty have felt that surgery restored their vagina to similar situation as it was before the pregnancy.
Before going vaginoplasty it is better to consult your family doctor and seek his guidance. On the other hand it is advised for patients to undergo a treatment in an accredited treatment centre, so that any kind of complication arising during treatment procedure could be dealt easily.

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