Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C which is more commonly known as ascorbic acid it is possibly the most commonly known vitamin. In this article we shall talk about vitamin c and vitamin C rich foods.

Vitamin C  is water soluble in nature and is very essesntial for a healthy body. It performs many vital functions in our body.and thus, is very essential for us to consume vitamin C rich foods. Many mammals can produce vitamin C in their own body, however humans cannot do that , which makes it all the more important for us to have adequate vitamin C rich foods in our body.

 Vitamin is required to perform essential functions in our body such as maintenance and repair of body tissues strenthening of blood vessels. Absorbtion of calcium from foods to assist in the formation of bones and teeth. Vitamin C is also an important anti-oxidant needed by our body . it helps protect our body against cancers, heart diseases and stress. Thus consuming vitamin C rich foods is required for a long and healthy life. Vitamin C   is part of our body’s cellular chemistry that provides energy, vitamin C rich foods are also essential for sperm production, and for manufacture of the protein, collagen which is involved in the building of our cartilage, joints, skin, and blood vessels. Vitamin C also  helps maintain a healthy immune system, it   neutralizes the pollutants which enter our body. Vitamin C rich are also needed for antibody production, vitamin C rich foods also help maintain low levels of blood cholesterol along with providing immunity to fight off various infections and diseases. Consuming vitamin C rich foods also helps in the absorption of iron from food. This makes it usable for the body, thus vitamin C rich foods also help prevent anemia.

Since vitamin C is water-soluble vitamin our body is unable to store it, hence it’s supply must be replenished daily either by consuming vitamin C rich foods having supplements.  Lack of consumption of vitamin C rich foods results in  scurvy , its symptoms are bleeding, bruising, hair loss, etc. talking about the vitamin C rich foods citrus foods are considered to be the best source of vitamin C. a minimum of 1000mg/day of Vitamin C is required by our body.

Vitamin C should be consumed in divided quantities as excess of it is passed on in urine. Other fruits which are included under are Strawberries , Kiwi Fruit , Cantaloupes, Mangos, Papayas watermelons and Raspberries. Fresh vegetables are also a good source of Vitamin C, some of the vitamin C rich foods are Red peppers , Green peppers , Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts , Cauliflower along with Cabbage , Spinach , Tomatoes and Potatoes . citrus fruit juices are also great subsititutes of vitamin C rich foods .there are certain ways to incorporate vitamin C rich foods in our daily diet. Having salads containing vitamin C rich foods such as broccoli is a great way, broccoli contains 45mg of vitamin C per half cup. Tomato also comes under vitamin C rich foods , a small tomato has 25mg of vitamin C. add a slice to your sandwiches. Having fruits such as Mangos and Papayas for dessert is a good way to have vitamin C rich foods . both these fruits have 95 mg of vitamin C each. Lesser known vegetables such as kohlrabi and jicama are also good options as vitamin C rich foods, they can be consumed raw in salads and have 45 mg of vitamin C.potatoes are consumed a lot even they come under vitamin C rich foods. A small boiled potato contains 25mg of vitamin C. here are some other foods rich in Vitamin C . vitamin C rich foods also contain certain spices such as basil, oregano,garlic etc. some other vitamin C rich foods are carrots, radishes, Apricots , sweet potatoes, bananas , apples, beetroots,pears, grapes, pineapples etc.

Though having vitamin C rich foods is beneficial for health, unlike vitamin B   , overdosing on Vitamin C by consuming excess supplements has adverse side effects such as headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and insomnia. Having vitamin C rich foods is the safest and the best way to consume vitamin C without the fear of overdosing. An overdose of vitamin C rarely leads to toxicity.   

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