Waterproof Foundation Makeup

Every woman wishes to look beautiful and fresh throughout the day. Cosmetics provide us with many alternatives to hide flaws and blemishes and present a beautiful face to the world.  Make up smudges with sweat and dampness. To continue looking fresh, make up needs to be touched up often .Women leading active lifestyles often wish for long-lasting make up which does not wear off quickly. Waterproof foundation is an answer to this need.


What is Waterproof Foundation?



Most cosmetics contain a chemical called Dimethicone. This chemical allows the makeup to spread smoothly and also impart luster and sheen to the skin. Waterproof foundations contain a silicone based variant of Dimethicone called Dimethicone Copolyol.This chemical is oil -like and does not dissolve in water. In fact, waterproof foundations do not wash off with water and require a special solvent for removal.


Who Can Use Waterproof Foundation?


 Being resistant to moisture, waterproof foundation is suitable for:


1. Sportspersons – Waterproof foundation does not wash off while swimming or with heavy perspiration, making it the ideal choice of foundation for sportspersons.


2. Stage artists- Stage artists emoting intense emotions on stage prefer waterproof foundation as makeup does not smudge in the midst of tearful scenes.


3. People holding field jobs- Where the job entails travel in the sun, waterproof foundation is ideal


4. People living in places where humidity levels are high prefer waterproof foundation as it is sweat resistant.


How is Waterproof Foundation to be Applied?



Water proof foundation should be applied in small quantities as it provides very good coverage .The container should be shaken thoroughly before use. Using the corner of a make up sponge, the foundation is dabbed in spots, starting with the forehead. Using downward motions, the foundation is blended in. Special care should be taken to cover the ears, the jaw line and the neck area. Waterproof foundation takes a few minutes to set, after which the rest of the makeup can be applied.


Benefits of Waterproof Foundation


Since waterproof foundation contains oil, it spreads smoothly and gives lustre to the face. Most waterproof foundations also contain sunscreen and are suitable during travel. Being water resistant, waterproof foundation is long lasting and does not need to be touched up often.




1. As with every item of make up, the correct shade of foundation should be selected. An inappropriate shade would end up with the face looking artificial and mask like.


2. Waterproof foundation is heavier on the skin and clogs pores. It is not recommended for acne prone skins or sensitive skins.


3. Waterproof foundation can be removed only with a special solvent. The cost of using waterproof makeup therefore tends to be higher than those of other types of foundations.


4. Regular use of waterproof foundation leads to dryness of skin. Therefore the face should be cleansed and moisturized thoroughly after it is removed.

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