Waxing Soothing Gel Uses

As a method of hair removal, waxing is the most popular and effective method. It is not without its side effects, mainly the skin tenderness and irritation which follows waxing. Waxing removes hair from the roots and discourages hair growth for 6-8 following weeks. Many people complain of redness and inflammations on the waxed skin. The skin develops red bumps for a couple of days following waxing. For people with sensitive skin, exposure of the waxed skin to sunlight leads to painful sun burn and reddishness.


Aestheticians and skin specialists recommend waxing after application of warm compresses to the area to be waxed. This opens the pores, makes skin more elastic and hair removal is made less painful and less irritating to the skin. Use of wax made of lemon juice and granulated sugar, without any chemical additives does reduce skin irritation to some extent. Beauticians often rub an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth on the newly waxed area. This closes up the pores and soothes the waxed area and offers instant relief from burning sensation.


If redness or irritation persists, then doctors recommend that medicated lotions be applied on the area to soothe and cool the waxed area. There are a number of such gels available in the market making it difficult to choose the right product.  You can consult a professional. These gels are aqua based and have natural additives mostly soothing herbs like aloe Vera, chamomile, calendula, juniper oil and basil. The gels should be fragrance and chemical free to have maximum benefits on inflamed screen.  Apply the gel again if necessary later in the day.


Applications of Soothing Gels Have the Following Benefits


  1. To soothe skin irritations, burning sensation and small cuts following waxing

  2. To moisturize and soften the waxed skin.

  3. To speed up the rate of healing of surface skin wounds and burns.

  4. To provide relief from itching and swelling of irritated skin.

  5. To prevent fungal and bacterial infections from use of shared products at the parlour

  6. To protect the skin from sun burn and improve the effectiveness of sun screen products.


How to Apply the Soothing Gel


After waxing, gently pat dry with a clean cloth. Dispense a pea sized amount of the soothing gel on your palm and gently apply on skin, taking care to cover the entire area. Do not massage or rub into the skin.


In case of sensitive skin which has broken out in rashes, dilute  the soothing gel in pre boiled cool water and dab on using a cotton pad over the affected skin.


It is always necessary to store the soothing gel in a refrigerator through its shelf life to prevent loss of its efficacy.

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