Weight loss With Surya namaskars

The word Surya means Sun and the word Namaskar means salutation or worship. Surya Namaskar consists of a beautiful set of asana that massages, detoxifies, and stimulates every organ of the human body and brings suppleness to the spine. Surya namaskar offers all the practices of yoga’s seven steps, starting with yamas and niyamas, asana, pranayama, dharana and dhyana in twelve steps. Surya Namaskar uses the physicality of asana practice to embed this message and mental attribute into the practitioner.



Surya Namaskar Step by Step


Surya Namaskar and Weight Loss   


Surya Namaskar is a combo of 12 different asana performed in a series. These 12 positions were accompanied by mantras specific to each that was chanted during the worship. Surya Namaskar offers stretch in every muscle at each position and gives a complete workout to the entire body.  

If, regularly practiced it can alone result in weight loss and in the muscle toning.  


Kareena Kapoor, who is famous for attaining a size "zero" figure did yoga regularly for 60 to 90 minutes. She started with a warm up session followed by 50 to 100 continuous surya namaskars and then focussed on any two body parts. Finally she ended her workout with meditation and pranayam.


Talking regarding Kareena's yoga exercises, Payal Gidwani said, "Kareena does not skip her workouts under any circumstances." Payal or her associates accompanied Kareena to her shoots.


How Surya Namaskar Results in Weight Loss


1. Fat Reduction – The regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps to burn away extra calories and reduces the body fat without much effort.


2. Eases digestion and combats belly fat – The combination of backward and forward movements ensures that  your digestive system is on track and helps in curing the constipation and other related digestion ailments as it stretches the abdominal muscles. The regular practice of Surya Namaskar results in losing excessive belly fat and thus gives you a flat stomach.


3. Regulates endocrine system – Surya Namaskar improves the entire endocrine system and regulates the functioning of endocrine glands resulting in good metabolism and nutrition absorption while eliminating toxins and wastes. Ultimately the body weight remains ideal.


4. Mitigates the Sleeping disorder - Surya Namaskar is an ideal exercise to cope with insomnia and the related disorders. Hence gaining excessive fat due to sleeping disorders is thus removed by Surya Namaskar as it calms the mind and helps to get sound sleep.


5. Promotes blood circulation - Surya Namaskar practice effective blood circulation. That keeps the body very energetic and thus helps avoiding weight gain.


6. Provides oxygen - It makes you to feel stress free and rejuvenates your mind, as it promotes the circulation of fresh oxygen to your brain.


7. Enhancing strength and flexibility - Regular practice of Surya Namaskar boosts endurance power and thus gives vitality and strength. It also reduces the feeling of restlessness and anxiety. It helps in making the joints and ligaments stronger to carry the body weight without much effort. Daily practice of Surya Namaskar makes body flexible and results in weight loss.


8. Helps look young - Sun salutation exercise helps to add glow on your face making your facial skin radiant and age-defying through rejuvenation of the cells in the body. It is the natural solution to prevent onset of the wrinkles on your body.


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Suryanamaskars is the best excercise and nothing can beat it i do 108 suryanamskars Daily.and i feel so great.itz amazing helps you in weight loss
by swati     29-Apr-2012
since today i defenetely do surya namaskaraya
by ashini     08-Jun-2012
by suparna dhar     11-Jun-2012

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