Weight Loss Yoga poses

Practicing any type of yoga will build mental and bodily strength. You can very well practice yoga as a way to lose weight by incorporating it into your overall fitness plan. Yoga helps to deal with the internal and external issues that might be contributing to your weight issues. These poses are meant not only to calm the mind and align the internal systems of the body, but they strengthen and make the body more flexible besides preventing many ailments.  Weight loss is often noticed as a great benefit on those who regularly practice yoga.



Five best weight loss yoga poses that are highly effective in reducing body weight.


1. Sun Salutationsor Surya Namaskar


Sun salutations are the best way to get your blood pumping at the beginning of a yoga workout. Guiding you through a series of poses, sun salutations warm up your body to help increasing the flexibility of the body and help quiet your mind and get ready for the day ahead.


2. Shoulder Stand


A shoulder stand is another way to invigorate certain systems in the body that can help trigger your weight loss. Just be sure to ease into this pose carefully and not put any strain on the neck. If you are a beginner you can also use the pillows and a wall to assist you, while doing this yoga pose. These inverted poses are really wonderful for the adrenal system and the others areas of the body that can aid in losing weight.


3. Bow Pose

The bow pose creates heat in the body and helps to burn fat which is a good way to lose weight naturally. By opening up the chest and pelvis, the areas that are not easily stretched and worked, it creates more energy for the body to use.


4. Chair Pose: (Firming butt and thighs)


This pose is done by standing with feet together, toes forward and arms at your sides. While inhaling arms should be raised overhead, palms facing each other. Exhale and sit back at about 45 degrees, while keeping knees behind toes and abs tight in order to support back, looking straight.  This is a great pose for losing weight and it also helps in firming up your thighs and buttocks giving you a perfect shape.


5. Forward Bend Pose


The forward bend pose of yoga releases the spine and it helps to regulate the kidneys and stretch your hamstrings. The forward bend yoga pose is considered to be one of the most healing poses in yoga. If, you are looking for a way to ease your pain or stress, this is the best ever pose for you. Go as far as you are comfortable and use your breath to ease a little deeper into the pose gradually.

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