What are the Botox Treatment Areas

Botox treatment is manly given to reduce wrinkles, lift eyebrow, reduce frown lines, and to make skin look younger.


There are various types of cosmetic problems that are treated through Botox injections and surgery. Botox has effect on various parts of our body, but it is mainly used for facial muscles and correction of facial problems.


Here are Few of the Treatment Areas of the Botox


1. Wrinkles: the most common problem that people get cured through Botox is the wrinkles. These wrinkles are few fine lines on the facial and neck area that reflect the age of the person. People who want to look young try to get rid of these wrinkles through Botox injections. These wrinkles are mainly on the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes, frown lines in between the eyebrows, and sometimes lines at the root of the nose, also known as bunny lines. However, the Botox can work only on the fine wrinkles that are caused by the expression.


2. Neck Area: sometimes there are vertical bands present in the neck area. These bands mainly occur or are seem when a person talks. These banks sometimes look ugly and people use Botox to get rid of these bands.


3. Face Shape Change: sometimes due to various factors like enlarged jaw muscles the shape of the face looks weird. This can be corrected by the help of Botox treatment. To do this the Botox injection are given in the jaw muscles to give jaws a proper shape.



4. Jaw Line: sometimes as the person ages their jaw lines get blurred. However, they need not worry as they can get this treated with the Botox treatment. Here, mainly the Botox injections are given into the neck muscles that in turn sharpen the jaw line.


5. Correction of Smile: you might have observed that there are few people when they smile their teeth and gums are excessively prominent. This can be corrected with the help of Botox treatment.


6. Eyebrow: one can get elevated eyebrows by giving Botox injection in the forehead or eye muscles.


7. Treating Facial Nerve Paralysis: a very useful use of Botox is in treatment of facial nerve paralysis. Sometimes there are birth defects or some surgery that may cause asymmetric smile. In such cases Botox injections are the best option.


8. Get Rid of Protrude Lower Lip or Dimpled Chin: We know most people like dimpled chin, but sometimes they are multiple in numbers and make the face look weird and also few have protruded lower lip. All this can be avoided by use of Botox injection in the chin muscles.


9. Nose Correction: sometimes the nose tip droops at the time of smile. In such case if the Botox injection is given in the nasal muscle it can correct the elevation of the nose tip.


10. Apart from the Facial Correction: Botox is also used for correction of tight and squint muscles in the cerebral palsy, in treatment of migraine, reduce excess sweating the under arm area, make angles of jaw soft, and in soles.

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