What Causes Stammering In Children

First let us discuss what is Stammering. Stammering is the irregularity in speech. It is a disorder caused due to many reasons, we will come to it a bit later. It is the repetion of words involuntarily followed by prolonged pronunciation of words. Usually children in the age of 2-5 are seen with such disorders. Though it is said that stammering goes after the age of five, it may last for a long time for some children. There is no specific reason as such What causes stammering in children but it can be overcome if such children get enough help and support. But there has to be some answer to What causes stammering in children so let me tell you some causes. The first cause can be that, stammering is inherited genetically as it is observed that most people who stammer have a close person in family who is suffering from the same problem. Another reason could be that this problem of stammering could be due to developmental delay and you can overcome this with time. Also the brain functionality for speech can be one reason for this disorder. So by know you might have got an idea What causes stammering in children.


The above mentioned are the basic causes of the question What causes stammering in children. Let us discuss some ways to treat a child having this problem. You must speak slowly to such children as they should not feel that you’re speaking too fast. Also, you must listen carefully to what they are saying and understand them and maintain an eye contact so that they feel you are interested in what they are saying even if they talk slowly. You must not put pressure on the child to speak normally; instead give him enough time to reply to your questions. Also such children must have a good sleep at night as lack of sleep might worsen their problem. So here are some ways in dealing with children with stammering problem. Also you know What causes stammering in children. You must not treat a child with stuttering problem differently treat him equally with other siblings also, appreciate his achievements and give him affection. Remember one thing that you must not try to correct him when he is talking let him finish and then you say.

What causes stammering in children we all know but you must also know that by this disorder the child reduces the confidence and the self esteem in him. So you must always try to boost his morale. Also stressful environment can make the stammering problem worse. After learning What causes stammering in children it is very important to know how to deal with such children. If you child has this disorder then understand that reducing the stammering is important and not completely getting rid of it. More than What causes stammering in children it is important to handle such children properly. You must not force the child to repeat certain words if he is not able to he may say it properly this time but not necessarily all the times. Don’t tell your child to take deep breaths before starting to speak as this won’t help in any way and by doing so he may be unable to express himself.


What causes stammering in children till now there is no fixed reason to this question as each child faces this problem with a different reason. Stammering is also caused by some neurological defect. The other cause of stammering is fear and anxiety as it has been observed that people stammer when they have to talk on stage or even when they are angry or fighting with someone. This is completely psychological and this kind of stammering is temporary. So you have seen some more reasons of What causes stammering in children. You must consult a doctor immediately if you notice your child stammering for a prolonged period of time. What causes stammering in children is a very difficult question to answer as each child has it for a different reason so there are no fixed causes for stammering. You must encourage your child to speak very often so that he gets rid of this problem faster. So please find out with your doctor What causes stammering in children especially in your case.


This article which your about to read contains the meaning and definition of stammering. It includes the basic causes of stammering and many ways to handle such children with the problem of stammering such as talking slowly to these children, making eye contact, etc. there is special way to handle such children as they have low self confidence. You must help and support them to boost their morale.

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