What is Bulimia Nervosa Disorder

Bulimia is a disease that makes a person battles between his desire to stay thin and his overwhelming desire or compulsion to eat. Basically, one has to fight his binge eating habit in order to lose weight and this makes life very uncomfortable. No one like to gain weight due to compulsive eating, but a person suffering from bulimia nervosa disorder is not able to resist his eating habit, though he tries to keep his craving for food at bay. This sometimes makes him ashamed and disgusted in front of others. You feel very low and depressed when you are not able to fight your urge to eat.

Sometimes you are able to resist the food with a lot of strength, but it is shot lived as you keep thinking about food and only food. This results in even worse situation as you eat anything and everything that you get your hand on. Sometimes this even leads to overeating and you feel like exploding.
Once you have eaten the guilt on the calorie count starts and this leads to depression. However, people even eat a lot when they are in depression. This is the reason depression is often one of the symptom as well as cause of bulimia nervosa disorder.
This depression and guilt often leads you to some difficult steps like fasting, purging and exercising, but anything done on spur of moment will not cure you, instead it will make your body system out of control.

There are basically three features to identify bulimia nervosa disorder:

1.      When a person tries to do inappropriate things to lose weight.
2.      There is regular explode of binge eating.
3.      Self consciousness that is an influence of physical appearance and weight gain.
Basically we need to understand that it is not necessary that bulimia nervosa disorder will involve purging, it can include fasting, exercising, taking up crash diets, etc. all this qualifies as symptoms of bulimia.

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