What Is Sleep Paralysis

What is sleep paralysis? Let us understand the exact definition and different aspects involved in sleep paralysis. One may ask a question as to what is sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis may be defined as a temporary inability of an individual to move his limbs, head and trunk in spite of the fact that he is fully conscious.

What is sleep paralysis exactly and what happens in this condition? A rapid eye movement (REM) sleep pattern is associated with the condition and the muscles of the body are found to be paralyzed. As a result, a state of normal paralysis of a person is found to exist even when the person may appear completely conscious. However, several researchers are still not sure that what is sleep paralysis and why does this condition exactly happen.

Several psycho physiological studies have been performed and these studies have actually confirmed that during the condition of sleep paralysis attacks are found to occur when a person enters REM sleep quickly may be after he has hit a pillow. In such a scenario, the person may actually surpass the different stages of non-REM sleep which in a regular phenomenon generally happens first.

Another question that is imperative is what is sleep paralysis and what are the different factors which may increase the likelihood of sleep paralysis? The different factors that may increase the likelihood of sleep paralysis include an individual shifting off when he is lying on his back, a person may also get sleep paralysis when he is feeling stressed or in conditions where he feels a disruption in his sleep pattern such as when he shifts from work or jet lag. What is sleep paralysis and can it also happen after alcohol consumption? It may also happen when a person has consumed caffeine or alcohol in excessive amounts.
What is sleep paralysis? Is it a symptom of narcolepsy? Yes, sleep paralysis has been identified as a symptom of narcolepsy. It has been observed even in common people who are otherwise healthy.

What is sleep paralysis and what are the different associated effects?

The different effects that may be found to be associated with sleep paralysis include the various types of visual hallucinations. For example, a person may visualize different types of shadows and light. At times, he may see either a human or an animal figure in the room. What is sleep paralysis and the auditory hallucinations associated with it? Different auditory hallucinations may also be experienced by a person such as he may hear typical voices or voices of some footsteps, etc. A pressure on the chest is also felt and the person generally finds it difficult to breath in such a condition.

What is sleep paralysis and what are the associated feelings in this condition?

Sleep paralysis may be characterized by unusual kinesthetic sensations. There are different feelings that may be faced by an individual such as he may get a feeling that he is being dragged out of the bed or he is vibrating, etc. Not only this, he may at times start feeling that he is flying or falling. At times, the condition may be really frightening in nature; however it cannot be classified as a dangerous condition. Most of the episodes of sleep paralysis often last only for a few seconds, after which a person generally is able to restore his normal phase.
Can it happen in normal individuals is the most common that an individual comes across while understanding as to what is sleep paralysis. The condition has been found to occur in normal individuals and it has been often found to be associated with narcolepsy. The other conditions with which sleep paralysis may be associated include cataplexy, hypnagogic hallucinations. At times, this condition has also found to be manifested as one of the symptoms of migraine.

What is sleep paralysis and what are its different characteristics?

Sleep paralysis may continue for a period of either several seconds or several minutes. After this period, the individual who has been afflicted with the condition generally starts getting the realization that all the distortions that he was facing were actually false.
What is sleep paralysis and are there any terrifying effects of the same? At times, the hallucinations accompanying the condition may be actually very terrifying in nature and therefore they are capable of also inducing a sense of danger. The different individuals suffering may interpret it as a dream.
What is sleep paralysis and what are the different possible associated causes? The different possible causes of the condition include post-synaptic inhibition of motor neurons. At times, low levels of melatonin has also been linked to this condition.
Ultimately, several more answers need to be yet found out using continuous in order to completely understand that what is sleep paralysis.


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