What to Expect In A Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are used to make the most out of ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is exactly opposite of what a normal sun block or sunscreen lotion does! However, tanning lotions, mostly indoor ones will not provide any protection from sun, especially if it is an indoor tanning lotion. They function by bringing a pigment compound called melanin to the surface layer of the skin. Such lotions contain ingredients that help in promoting the melanin production. Strangely, ingredients for increasing melanin happen to contain melanin itself! 


Before applying any cosmetic we should be aware of what it contains, and how it can be helpful for us. This article will share some facts about the ingredients of a tanning lotion, and also discuss some of its general uses.


Tingling Chemicals: Well, tanning lotions do contain some ingredients, especially chemicals and irritants, which might produce a tingling, experience for the user. However, the degree of tingle depends person to person, and it might be the case that a person might even experience a mild pain on applying such lotions. The reason behind it is that tanning lotions generally increase the blood flow at the upper layers of the skin. This might result in a reddening sensation. Generally there is no fixed way to judge a particular product on the basis of how much tingling sensation it produces, and therefore no standard rating exists anywhere. However, there are certain products available in the market that doesn’t contain any such ingredients that can cause the skin to tingle, as many users are not comfortable with this process of tanning.


Bronzers: The chemical name for bronzers is dihyroxyacetone or DHA. It is basically used to enhance the process of tanning, and is mixed with other ingredients to create the effect. It gives the user the tanned look immediately but doesn’t avoid UV rays exposure. Bronzers are mostly added in the ingredients to get the tanning process started. If the bronzer is added with components that result in producing a tingling sensation, then it is a hot bronzer. On the other hand, a substance like menthol, when added to the bronzer makes it a cool bronzer.


The main ingredients: Most tanning lotions are known to contain compounds like melanin and L-tyrosine. However, such lotions also have ingredients like tea oil, extract if green tea, types of natural oils and even copper in the form of chemical compounds. However, the composition of such ingredients depends upon the brand producing it. A typical user makes use of around 30 ml of tanning lotions every time, from a normal bottle of 500ml. The lotion needs to be swiped all over the areas that generally experience some kind of exposure. Another ingredient that helps in molding and provides transparency to the UV rays is the acrylic. It is also known to moderate the cost efficiently.


Now, coming to the uses, it is obvious that it is used for tanning of the skin. However, there happens to be other uses of tanning lotions too.


One of the most common uses of tanning lotions is as a moisturizer of the skin. Tanning makes the skin dehydrate, and therefore the lotion acts as a moisturizer to provide moisture to the skin, and make it look livelier and smooth. The moisturizing components of a tanning lotion are mostly similar, but however, the components for some of such products contain less alcohol. Hempseed oil is one such moisturizing ingredient, which is THC-free and used extensively because of having no drug reactions. Moreover, since it contains fatty acids, it is easy to capture the moisture in the face and also maintain tanning effects



Almost all tanning lotions are not sun-protected. Excess exposure to sunlight is highly discouraged by the manufacturers. There are very few manufacturers that make no-tingle solution for tanning, and can be used outdoors as well. Although one of the main aims of using it is to a good moisturizer, it also provides a boost to the complete process of tanning. For people using tan very often, it is similar to applying a normal moisturizer!

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