Which Is More Healthy Egg White Or Egg Yolk

Egg white is rich in protein, but low in fat. Egg yolk contains saturated fats and calories. People who do not need diets having high levels of fats and calories can separate out egg white and prepare omelet. However, most of the egg’s nutrients are available in its yolk only. Egg white has 17 calories whereas egg yolk has 59 calories. Only 0.06 gram fat is present in egg white, but egg yolk has 4.51 grams of fat. However, saturated fat is nil in egg white, but it is 1.6 grams in egg yolk. Carbs is 0.24 gram in egg white and egg yolk has 0.61 gram of carbs. 3.6 grams of protein is contained in egg white and 2.7 grams of protein is available in egg yolk. Egg yolk contains higher degrees of calcium, vitamin D and folate when compared to egg white. Egg white a higher sodium level, which is 55 mg and egg yolk has only 8 mg of sodium. Calcium is 2.3 mg in egg white and 21.9 mg in egg yolk. Egg white lacks vitamin D, but egg yolk has it as 18 IU. Folate is available in egg white up to 1.3 mg, whereas it is 24.8 mg in egg yolk.  


It is obvious from these data that you can consume egg yolk, but once in a while only. Nutrition experts opine that people who are free of cholesterol problems can consume up to seven egg yolks a week. However, when you are getting omega-3 eggs for a higher cost, make sure that you consume the yolk portion because it only contains omega-3 fatty acids. In the United States egg yolks have suffered negative publicity in the past decades due to epidemic cholesterol problems. However, recent studies have disproved it. Experts in the field of nutrition claim that egg yolk is healthier than egg white. 



At the same time, research also supports egg white as a healthy food. Because of the controversies prevailing over the health benefits of egg white and egg yolk, consumers are confused as to which is better - egg white or egg yolk? Egg white has no dietary cholesterol and even a very big egg has twenty calories only. Anyway these calories are derived from healthy forms of protein with well-balanced amino acids. Also the amount of fat in egg white is very limited. These reasons make the cooks and nutritionists to conclude that egg white is healthier. Simultaneously it is argued that egg yolk may have some problems but provides benefits too. 


Egg yolk loses its reputation only because that it contains much of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat. This fear can be countered by knowing the fact that the presence of lecithin and omega-3 fats can mitigate the ill effects of its fats and dietary cholesterol. Actually, high cholesterol is treated with medications containing niacin and also, it is a glorified fact that omega-3 fats are useful in treating cardiovascular problems and egg yolk has been recommended to that effect by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


In conclusion, egg white is not harmful as it is not as rich as egg yolk in fats and calories, but egg yolk seems to be strategic in counteracting the ill effects that can be caused by its own constituents. 

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The problem is that it will run (versus stay thtegoer as an egg would). What you could do is set a metal ring in the hole (use it to cut the hole in the bread and keep it there. Pour the egg sub in the ring (about 1/3 cup). While it is still runny, but ever so slightly set, pull the ring out let it run a little and then flip it. That way some of the egg will run into the bread.
by Cristian     09-Aug-2012

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