White Spots on Face and Arms


White spots usually appear on the face and arms due to a fungal infection. They are usually called hypo pigmentation and can be treated at home. However, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist so that you know the exact cause and therefore, the treatment.


 What Causes of White Spots?


1. Tinea Versicolor


The most common fungal disease the affects the face and arms, leading to white spots is called Tinea Versicolor. It is transferred onto the skin by Malassezia furfur- a yeast which is quite harmless. It is usually present on almost every human being. However, this yeast is not contagious.

The main symptom of this yeast infection is the appearance of brown, white or red spots on the face and arms or any other part of the skin. Even though the brown and red spots disappear faster than the white spots, they are all equally harmless.

Tinea Versicolor usually affects those with excessively oily skin. Those who have dark skin should take measures to protect their skin from the heat as they are more susceptible to this infection as compared to those with lighter skin.

2. Tanning Salons 

Tanning beds can lead to white spots on the skin- especially the face and arms. If the individual is on acne medication or birth control medication, their skin may be overtly sensitive to light and heat. Therefore, the skin may get tanned unevenly. The result is white spots. Therefore, if you are on such medications, try not to visit a tanning salon till the medication is discontinued.


3. Skin Damage

White spots may also appear on the face and arms due to skin damage. This ranges from infections to burn to excessive laser therapy. Since more and more people today are using laser to get rid of excessive hair, white spots on the face and arms are not uncommon. Therefore, visit a well-known clinic to avoid excessive white spots. 



Treatment Regimen for White Spots



A number of home remedies can be followed for the purpose of keeping your face and arms free of white spots.


1. Wash Your Face with Water at least twice a day. In case you own a mild soap, apply it every time you wish your face. Otherwise, plain water is enough. After your face is clean, pat it dry in order to avoid fungal infections that arise due to moisture. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with water and wash your face with it at least twice a day. This helps to keep the face clean and keeps bacterium and fungus at bay. Consequently, white spots are reduced



2. Exfoliation is also recommended to keep white spots away. This is because dead cells are removed from the surface and the pores are allowed to breathe. A good exfoliating home mixture can be created by mixing honey, rice powder, turmeric powder and sandalwood. It should be applied onto the face and washed with cool water after 15 minutes. This will not only keep your skin glowing but also prevent the appearance of white spots.



3. Another excellent remedy is rubbing raw ginger on the white spots present on the face and arms. Do this twice a day for at least 5 minutes. This increases the circulation of blood and the spots disappear faster.


4. Other Remedies Include


1. Keep water in a copper vessel for about 12 hours and then drink it in the morning when your stomach is empty.


2. Crush cabbage leaves to extract the juice and then apply it onto the face.


3. Ground black gram should be mixed with water and applied onto the skin. It should then be washed off after 5-7 minutes.



In case none of these treatments work for you, you may suffer from vitiligo or other serious skin diseases. Therefore, to be completely sure, visit a reputed doctor to get the correct diagnosis. Normally there is no cure but to slower down the de-pigmentation process there are treatment options like phototherapy, photo chemotherapy, de-pigmentation, laser treatment and steroid creams. Pityriasis Alba is an OTC cream available in the markets for topical application.


Others with overactive hormones may also notice the appearance of these white spots. For the treatment of these spots, use Lotrimin or Tinactin.


In case the white spots are present all of your arms or face, a shampoo called Selsun Blue is recommended. This shampoo is also recommended to prevent white spots in the future. 


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