Who Can Wear Vibrant Eyeshadows?


Eyeshadows in general is a plus to brighten up the face. It doesn't matter if it's neutral, bold, or Smokey. It can be worn as long as it's not too dramatic. You can wear it in the evenings and less during the day time. The general suggestion for wearing eyeshadow is going to be more intense with the colors in the evening hours. You just have to make sure you blend in a neutral color to make it more suitable to your complexion.


Who Can Wear Vibrant Eye Shadows


1. Anyone can wear vibrant eyeshadows, as it will look great for summer, parties, get together etc. There is never going to be a wrong time to wear the vibrant eyeshadows.  It is always going to be based on the mood, outfit, time and day and also depends on the necessity etc. But it should be remembered that vibrant eyeshadows are not good for work, presentation, sports and certain business environments.


2. The trick about vibrant eyeshadows is the exact amount of color you put on and the shade that you use. For example, if you take blue eyeshadow, it can look really beautiful if applied as subtle and not too overpowering. There is no wrong time to wear vibrant eyeshadow, but use discretion depending on the environment. Vibrant eyeshadow should compliment your eye color, skin tone and over all look.


Important Tips on Vibrant EyeShadows


1. You should always consider the skin tone and eye color, when picking up the eyeshadows. In general green eyeshadows will be good on any women, who have got fair skin. Purple and blue eyeshadows are extremely good for green and brown eyes. Yellow eyeshadows are something good for everyone. Women with darker skin colors can actually choose opaque shades. For lighter complexions they can also go for sheer gold eyeshadows.


2. You should start eyeshadows by hiding any darkness around your eyes.


3. Always use a natural bristle to apply eyeshadows.


4. Make sure that rest of your face should go bare after applying the eyeshadows.


5. Tip to pick eyeshadow shades according to eye color. Eye shadow lends emphasis to the eyes and makes it look more attractive. For the perfect eye makeup, both the color and the application of eye shadow, make the real big difference. Most women select eye shadow to match their clothing. The right way to choose a perfect shade of eye shadow is to match the shade with your eye color.


6. Eye shadows that are fine with smooth-texture glides smoothly on the eyes lend vibrant colours with a matte finish will last all through the day.

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