Who is Bulimic

Guilt over in ones behavior and a feeling of loss of control over their appetite are the major characteristics of bulimia. Generally, the bulimic individuals have knowledge about their abnormal behavior. This is very common among the young women and adolescent stage individuals. These individuals are usually of normal weight completely contrary to the individuals with anorexia (eating disorder).


A traumatic hit in life that act as a catalyst in leading to binge-purge stage keeps the individual   mostly occupied with eating.  Bulimia is termed to be having less danger when compared to alcohol or drug. But that is not true. It’s quite attractive and dangerous too. Food holds a prominent position that gives life, nurtures love and heals too. It exceeds the drawbacks as it is the key to safety, pleasure and a good companion. In concern with avoidance of bulimia, it’s quite difficult as the weight is almost normal.  Bulimic prone individuals have a low self-esteem. Further, bulimic person have an excessive degree of judging themselves as well as others since they find difficulty in expressing emotions through language, avoid disagreements and fear criticism. They feel that this character keeps them protective from abandonment, the possible rejection, or other potential pain. Bulimia is a brief-term solution for pain and eventually can be a waste.



Often, bulimic women refuse to comply with the behavior as they suffer from low self-esteem and are ashamed of binge-purge routines. They often hide this remarkably for long years without letting out their problem. They are guilty over bingeing and hence work out obsessively to burn off the calories. They do lengthy chats on food, frequently diet and/or eat secretly.


Where there is a will, there is a way!! Yes, the bulimic person should have the willingness to be helped otherwise it’s quite difficult to help those individuals. By chance, if the bulimic accept to help her, she must reach out for the help of a doctor. Equally, hunt for a support group to aid them to manage their efforts to recover back from being bulimic.

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