Why Am I Always Hungry

Many people feel hungry all the time. They feel so I spite of just having a good meal. Why does this happen? There are several reasons. 


1.   Weight watchers sometimes tend to skip breakfast or lunch in order to cut down calories. After a busy day, skipping meals will make you want to wolf down dinner. At the end, you would have consumed more calories, than you would have consumed if you had not skipped breakfast or lunch.


2.   Persistent hunger may be a symptom of the onset of diabetes or any other health disorder that should be taken care of by adequate tests and consulting the physician.


3.   People who misconstrue thirst as a sign of hunger; this makes them want to eat, when actually a cool glass of water or fruit juice can take care of the thirst


4.   Eating a heavy breakfast also tends to make you hungry!   Yes, strange as it sounds, this breakfast early in the day may send messages to the brain that the stomach should always be that full. So whenever the stomach is even a little empty, you start feeling hungry; eat a filling but light breakfast


5.   People who eat a high carbohydrate-low protein diet tend to feel hungry sooner as carbohydrates are digested faster than proteins. Reverting to a high protein and moderate carbohydrate meal can keep away hunger. A couple of eggs accompanied by a whole bread toast and a fruit can be a healthy and filling breakfast.


6.   If your meal is rich in simple carbohydrates (like sweeteners) or refined carbohydrates (foods separated from bran or fiber like white bread) you will start feeling hungry sooner. This is because the glycemic index (a measure of the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugarlevels) rises, and then falls. As it falls, hunger is felt. By eating complex carbohydrates, the rise and fall is slower, where as for proteins and fats the index shows no change. 


7.   Food that smells good activates your taste buds, like the aroma of freshly ground coffee. This makes you want a bite of that tantalizing snack. 


8.   Other situations when you are tempted to eat but you are not hungry are:

   a).   When you see other people eating snacks and guzzling soft drinks in a movie theater or a game

   b).   When you are addicted to certain types of foods like chocolates or potato wafers

   c).   As a reflex reaction to an unexpected emotional or mental stress like anger or sorrow

   d).  When you are feeling plain bored or if you are waiting for someone you feel like snacking at the nearby cafeteria

   e).  Some people love to eat while they are reading. Curling up with a book and a couple of cookies is a must-do-it-everyday ritual for many


Tips to eat sensibly to ward off fake hunger pangs


1.   Eat before you start feeling hungry at the same times every day. This helps ward off hunger.


2.   If there is no health problem, you can recognize by sheer habit, when you are really feeling hungry


3.   Eat small quantities of food frequently rather than large meals two or three times a day. Include vegetables, soups, fruits and complex carbohydrates in your mini meals.


4.   When the pangs return and you know that you have had a full and nutritious meal, distract yourself with work, play, reading or visiting a friend.


5.   Make a healthy and sensible eating plan and stick to it. Include some favorite snacks to keep yourself motivated


Blurb: Some people feel hungry all the time. It may be due to a health disorder, like diabetes, or it may be a false alarm. You should be able to identify when you are really hungry and take steps eat healthy meals. Include fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates in your meals along with lots of fruits and vegetables to ward off unnecessary hunger pangs.

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