Why Chewing Food Properly Is Necessary


Chewing the food properly is very necessary for digestion. Our mouth waters when we see or smell the aroma of food items. This natural reaction in our mouth has sound reasons. The water secreted in the mouth is called saliva, and this helps digestion largely. Eating means not swallowing foods like some animals. We should chew the food items properly in our mouth before ingestion into the stomach. By chewing the food items, you not only relish the taste of them but also make them very compatible to the digestion process in the stomach. 


Benefits of Chewing Food Properly


What we eat is important and how we eat it is more important. Chewing the food properly improves the digestion and paves the way for your overall health. 


Effective Functioning of Digestive System: The digestive system can function efficiently if the food has been properly chewed. Many of us chew the food only a few times before swallowing it. We are hasty in getting on to the next bite. This is not the proper way of eating a food. One mouthful of food should be chewed 20 – 50 times to enable proper digestion. The reason for this is when you keep the food in the mouth its taste on the tongue triggers release of certain hormones, enzymes needed for digestion and gastric juices particularly required for digestion. 


It Helps Proper Mixing of Food: Chewing the food thoroughly also helps mixing the food well with saliva. While chewing the food is softened by saliva. Saliva makes this food in the mouth ready to undergo the next stage of the digestion process. Now the food gets into the stomach passing the food pipe easily. If the food has not been chewed properly it can stick somewhere in this food passage. Dry food which is not combined with enough saliva requires much effort to move through the food passage known as esophagus. 

Well Chewed Food Gets Easily Digested: Assuming the food that has come into the stomach is in a well chewed and saliva coated condition, digestion at the stomach is made very easy. The stomach gets the food without delay when it passes through the esophagus smoothly. This causes the acidic secretions of the stomach to act on the food and enable complete preparation of the food for digestion. When the food is in the esophagus the stomach starts releasing gastric juices and strong acids to process the food. However, if the food is stuck at the esophagus and is delayed, these secretions can act on the stomach only. This condition can mostly cause digestive problems. It is now clear as to how chewing the food properly is very necessary for digestion. 


Properly Chewing the Food Saves Energy


It is important to chew the food thoroughly if you need good health. Before entering into the small intestine, the food is churned to a paste-like matter. About 70% of the body’s total energy is needed for this process. Less energy is spent for digestion if the food is well-chewed. Therefore energy is made available for improving the immune system and detoxifying the tissues. Moreover, well-chewed food will not ferment in the stomach and cause gastric troubles. When digestion becomes efficient with well-chewed food, the nutrients in the food are speedily delivered to the cells longing for the nutrients. Chew the food properly, make the digestion very efficient and get a good health.


Thus as Discussed the 5 Benefits of Chewing Food Properly are


1. Aids in proper digestion of food

2. Helps in absorbing nutrients


3. Prevents heartburn or attack of acids on empty stomach


4. Promotes good oral hygiene


5. Makes you feel full faster

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