Why Men Talk Less

If you pose the question “Why do men talk less?” to a man, he would probably retort “It is only that women talk more!” Seeing your man discussing the day’s incidents with his friend on the phone would be a rare occurrence indeed! Yes, men are hardly as loquacious as women ... or so it seems. Men are generally less talkative. What could be the reason for this? 


The more recent studies have also quantified the fact that men speak less. It has been found that men, on an average speak about 7000 words a day, a paltry figure compared to women who speak a whopping 20,000 words a day! This has been attributed to


A man’s brain contains less cells that manage emotional and speech functions

When a woman speaks, the hormonal release simulates a drug like effect


It is seen that as soon as men return home from work, 1/10 of them look forward to a sumptuous dinner, almost 1/7 of them are eager to check their email while 1/8 of them head to the bathroom. Not many sit back to give an account about how their day was!    Most of them would like to have some time for them to unwind and relax after hectic hours at the workplace.


Men seem more reticent and talk less about what they feel, what they saw and what they heard because of the following probable reasons


Men are lost when it comes to emotions; they do not find it necessary to analyze, as women, why they feel as they do! It is rather action that expresses their feelings rather than explicit words


A certain sense of insecurity regarding workplace issues; obstacles to reaching the top in career, problems after reaching the top in career and so on



The habit ingrained from childhood of withholding emotions; little boys who have had a fall and hurt themselves are told “Don’t cry! Be a man!” Girls, on the contrary, are allowed to have a nice bawl to show how much they are hurting!


The tendency to feel like a loser too soon when problems (in life) appear tough


The wish to boss over coupled with the feeling, “I know I am right, wait and watch” in all issues related to family life


Men are too proud to seek advice. A woman would freely discuss an issue with her partner to seek his advice; not so a man! He would mull over the problem and try to solve it without help, on his own

Women who talk too much, women who expertly turn the conversation to discuss issues important to them and women who can ask all the right questions of their men tend to scare off men from talking. Due to this, even men who do wish to share their feelings would rather remain silent!


When a woman prefers to speak of her emotions, about how her day went by, about how the children fared, the man would rather settle down with a book or watch TV. It is important to accept this as a natural tendency for a man, rather than feel that woman is being ignored. 


Blurb: Men and women differ greatly when it comes to speaking. While women are capable of talking nineteen to a dozen, men are reticent keeping their emotions to themselves, allowing actions to speak for them.

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