Yoga and Pregnancy

Yoga is a kind of exercise that originated in ancient India. It mainly includes different-different ways of moving and holding the body in various postures. It is a holistic form of exercise as it benefits the body as well as mind. Yoga includes various asanas and exercises that are considered to be very good for the health of pregnant women. These asanas are very different from style and application point of view than other casual asanas. The different postures are useful in stretching and gently exploring all the parts of the body.


If a pregnant woman performs various asanas of yoga during the pregnancy period, then she can stay fit and active. Not only this much, yoga during pregnancy is also increases the chances of having a natural delivery, a smooth pregnancy period and restoring the actual shape of the body after delivery. Mental and physical development of the fetus inside the womb of the mother is positively affected by yoga.


There are five vital tools of yoga that if followed strictly, will lead to a smooth pregnancy. These tools are mentioned below:


  1. Yoga exercises: the various yoga exercises gently work upon the reproductive system of the mother and upon the pelvis region which will cause a smooth pregnancy period and natural delivery with lesser delivery pain. At a restrained stage, they help in ensuring that favorable amount of various nutrients and blood is being supplied to the fetus.

  2. Deep Breathing or pranayam: pranayam is a powerful mechanism for rich supply of oxygen to the body. This will ensure that the mother and baby achieve a better life force which is good supply of oxygen to the cells of the body. It will also increase mother’s fitness during the pregnancy period by improving blood circulation.

  3. Mudras and bandhas: The reproductive system of a woman is favorably affected by the various mudras and bandhas that are specified in the yoga, if stimulated psycho physically.

  4. Meditation: Meditation is considered as a therapeutic tool that works miraculously to resolve the deepest of the conflicts, neuroses and fears, since they are quiet common to occur during the pregnancy period. The biggest advantage of doing yoga asanas during the pregnancy is that it helps you to connect to your child which is in your womb in an inexplicable way.

  5. Deep relaxation: Yoga sleep or yoga nidra is quiet beneficial when performed during  pregnancy since it provides you mental as well as physical relaxation and prepares you for the normal and smooth childbirth.


The various benefits of the yoga asanas during pregnancy are:


  1. Yoga exercises provide relief from fluid retention or edema and also cramping, which can be seen quiet commonly during the later months of pregnancy.

  2. Yoga exercises also monitor the position of the fetus in the womb. It turns the position of the fetus in the womb early if required. It also stimulates the bowel action and increases the mother’s appetite at the same time by massaging and strengthening the abdomen portion.

  3. Certain specific yoga postures can be practiced to make the pelvis open easily to make delivery easier and quicker relieving tension in that area.

  4. Yoga makes the pregnant woman feel more energetic and active. It also slows down the metabolism activities inside the body which helps in restoring and focusing.



Be warned that you should listen to your body. If you feel any discomfort, stop and consult your trainer or physician immediately.

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