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Kareena Kapoor Diet and Exercise Routine

Kareena Kapoor has been on the list of the ten most desirable Indian women ever since she made her film debut in “Refugee”.  She has inherited the legacy of three generations of the first family of Hindi filmdom. While her histrionic abilities have been proven time and again, she is an icon of beauty and style for the younger gen... more info

Bollywood Moms Back In Shape

Movie stars have always been looked up to as the standard by which physical beauty has been judged.  The generous curves of the1960’s  movie stars like Vyjanthimala and Asha Parekh has given way to the size zero look of the  Kareenas and Anushkas of today. Where actresses like Hema Malini and Sharmila Tagore gracefully retire... more info

How Kareena Kapoor Attained Zero Size

  Zero as a number never had a value. But when digits were added before the number ZERO, it gave birth to a Value. When we go down the memory lane, whenever people visualized a movie actress… she had to be fair, tall, pretty, and a voluptuous figure to reveal. Even the yester year heroines had a broad healthy figure. People, never i... more info

How Did Adnan Sami Loose Weight

The British born singer musician, Adnan Sami lost almost 130 kilos in a span of 11 months. He proudly says, “If I can do it, anyone can”. This Canadian citizen, presently living in Bombay. India is a much sought after playback singer who also holds the record for the fastest keyboard player in the world.    What Tri... more info

Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig diet incorporates a diet plan which allows dieters to maintain and lose extra body weight by consuming food that comes in the form of packaged food. These packaged food products incorporate the exact amount of food required to lose weight. The Jenny Craig diet is highly popular as is promoted with the help of celebrities such as K... more info

Rachel Ray Diet

  The Rachel Ray diet is one that is often taken up by a number of celebrities. However, it is termed as a “non-diet”. A non diet is one which places more emphasis on the basic notion of common sense than on the elimination or addition of certain food products. Rachel Ray is a woman who has a passion for cooking such dishes tha... more info

Diet Followed by Celebrities

Wonder how celebrities maintain their body even at the age of 50-60 or after giving birth to babies? Well, we all get obsessed by most of the celebrities especially the diet they follow that make them look gorgeous, fresh and fit. Most of the celebrities be it Oprah Winfrey, Kareena, Beyonce, they follow a well balanced diet plan, be it vegan or ... more info