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Does Your Skin Benefit From 8 Glasses of Water a Day

  It has been drummed into our heads often that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential for good health. Our bodies are made up of 80 % water and it is essential to replenish the amount of water in the body to help the body’s circulatory and excretory functions.   Importance of Water to Good Health     ... more info

Daily Skin Care Routine

The most important part of a good beauty routine in undoubtedly a skin care routine. The skin has myriad functions- it protects the body’s internal organs from the environment, it functions as a sensory organ besides helping the body remove sweat from the body. The skin is an indicator of health and vitality and healthy. Glowing and a flawl... more info

Home Remedies For Skin Lightening Skin Bleaches

Bleaching is the most common method of skin whitening. Bleaching removes scars and reduce pigmentation and sun tan and makes the skin appear lighter in shade. You can choose from a variety of skin bleaches from the vast variety available in the market or as advised by your cosmetologist. Bleaches are available even for the sensitive skin ty... more info

Oily Skin- causes and treatment

It is true that beauty is only skin deep. Skin is one of the most important aspects of our body, not only for beauty but for also remaining healthy and fit. Irrespective of age, One of the most common skin problems is having oily skin. The unwanted shininess on the face and the greasy feeling of accumulating grime and dirt is very irritating and ... more info

Oily skin- The natural treatment

Many of us have the annoying condition of oily skin owing to different factors such as hot and humid weather, improper diet or hereditary causes. But sometimes in order to cure our skin we fall prey to various cosmetics and skin moisturizers which worsen the condition. Anyone would prefer a healthy, natural cure instead of a artificial product lo... more info

Natural Treatment Of Acne

Sufferers of this disease would be most interested in this area. There are many ways to treat acne that too as per the root cause of disease. Yes it is tough to handle but once right diagnosis is made then treatment is really feasible.   Medications for Acne: As far as medicine is concerned, Benzoyl peroxide is first drug of choice. Apar... more info

Get Clear Skin With Acne Products

To have a clear skin which is free from the blemishes occurred due to acne, a person should use the right kind of acne products. Good acne products will be able to produce the results as per the expectation of the patients suffering from severe acne. Acne products can be found in the form of toners, lotions, ointments, creams that has the ca... more info